If you didn’t know, I am on Instagram as @kajujean. And I’m working on six inch blocks this month. I challenged myself to make a six inch block every day. I got the idea from a sewist/quilter on Instagram whose name/tag I have since forgotten. sigh, bad memory. If you know this person, please comment!

Thus blocktober was born. Or begun. Whatever. Being a bit of a ditz, I forgot I was planning to do this in my birthday month. So I didn’t get started until October 4th. I now have 22 blocks! I’m planning to continue until I have 30 blocks and make a mini quilt.

I wanted to add a picture of my first 16 blocks which I posted on Instagram. But I haven’t figured out the tech from my new iPad yet. So check my feed on IG. It’s there along with the other blocks!

Sew on!